stefania’s lessons are imbued with joy, passion and improvisation

Stefania's cooking lessons are imbued with the joy and passion that she brings to food, cooking and the rest of her life. She believes that food reveals much about the land from whence it comes, and vice versa. That is why—when possible—she likes to start her classes with a visit to local food markets, butchers and private green gardens; followed by a hands-on cooking lesson that guides you through the preparation of an entire meal from antipasto to dolce, and ends around an elegantly decorated table, enjoying the lovely meal you’ve just created.

Personal attention, spontaneity and improvisation are important ingredients in Stefania’s kitchen; these are the basic elements bringing pleasure to cooking together. Therefore she keeps the classes small. Menus are inspired by the season, what’s available in the markets and what you’d like to prepare. Stefania offers one-day courses, as well as two- and three-day courses, tailored to your wishes.

Stefania’s kitchen in Tuscany is located in Montefioralle one of the oldest, most beautiful and best-kept medieval villages in Chianti. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, midway between Florence and Siena, the area is noted for its beauty and history, as well as for its good wine and good food. Accomodations are also available. Contact Stefania for more information.