stefania‘s cookbook

Stefania’s first cookbook supported her cooking classes. Originally, it included 35 recipes, but has grown to become a cookbook of more than 90 recipes full of information, tips and advice based on what Stefania has learned interacting with her students from all over the world.

New for 2013, the Verde edition adds refinements and new recipes to the original Bordeaux edition.

Contact Stefania to find out how to purchase a copy.

In The Netherlands you can find it at:
BloemBinderijGeschikt in Rotterdam
K-ooK! in Wormerveer
Van den Hurk in Eersel


I have always loved to cook: for family, for friends, for friends of friends. And I believe that every time you prepare a meal for people, you give a part of yourself to them. My passion for cooking is rooted in the Italian tradition of cooking together with family in the home. Fresh ingredients, simple techniques, seasonality and the importance of local ingredients from the region form the foundation of my cooking. Here are some of the favorite recipes.