the italian tradition of cooking together with family in the home

My name is Stefania Balducci. I was born and raised in the hill town of Assisi in central Italy. My passion for cooking is rooted in the Italian tradition of cooking together with family in the home. I have fond memories of helping my mother and grandmothers in the kitchen, learning their simple techniques for preparing fine and tasty meals. After finishing my study of philosophy, I decided that the best way to share my passion for Cucina Rustica was through cooking classes. For several years I operated in Italy and Holland where, besides cooking lessons, I ran a successful HuisKamerRestaurant. I am now based in Umbria and Tuscany and travel part of the year teaching my Cucina Rustica.

My Cucina Rustica is all about bringing out the pure taste of fresh ingredients and I am a member of the Slow Food Movement.

I look forward to sharing my traditional Tuscan and Umbrian recipes with you — as well as my vegetarian and vegan specialties — while you’re visiting Italy, or in your home!