online cooking classes

online hands-on cooking classes

Wherever and whenever you need me in your kitchen: to learn new recipes; to improve your cooking skills; to help guide you in the preparation of an important meal; for a family reunion cooking together; for a team-building experience cooking with colleagues; they are all possible with a live, online, hands-on cooking class!

All you need is a love for cooking, a kitchen, a device with a camera and an internet connection.

I will guide you, step-by-step, through the preparation of the recipes. The online cooking classes are hands-on and not demonstrations and have a duration of 2 hours. To ensure attention to each participant, each class is limited to 7 people. Private cooking classes, 1:1 classes, and tailor-made classes are also possible.

After booking the class you will receive all the detailed instructions, information and recipes. The class is hands-on and not a demonstration so there will be lots of interaction, conversation, surprise and fun. The day after the class I will send you a video recording of the class.

The live, online cooking classes are available every day of the week, starting at 10:00AM Italy (CET) time and 6:00PM Italy (CET) time. Below are the seasonal menus for the coming months. Pick the menu you like and contact me to check availability and more information.

I can’t wait to meet you in our kitchens!

autumn & winter menus

risotto w/pumpkin, gorgonzola & walnuts sauce

winter nest (fava bean puree & chicory)

kale & apple salad


mushrooms pasta sauce

peposo (beef stew)

mashed potatoes

grape & walnut cake

orange salad

leek & fennel soup

kale & cannellini bean stew

country style pizza w/ 3 toppings

orange salad


fennel au gratin

Xmas gifts (making & wrapping):

  • lavender & almonds cookies
  • raisins & pine nuts cookies
  • cantuccini, almond cookies

ribollita (tuscan veggies, cannellini bean and bread soup)

chicken marsala (chicken w/ mushrooms)


kale pasta sauce

plum cake

chicken rolls w/ orange

roasted onions in vinagrette

chocolate & pear cake


pear & pecorino cheese sauce

green cabbage rolls (filled with meat)