cooking lessons in umbria

back to my roots, where it all began

I have always loved to cook: for family, friends, for friends of friends. And I believe that every time you prepare a meal for people, you give a part of yourself to them. My passion for cooking is rooted in the Italian tradition of cooking together with family in the home. When I was a child in my house in Umbria, there was always “profumo di cucinato”, the smell of cooking in the air. I have fond memories of helping my mother and grandmothers in the kitchen, learning their simple techniques for preparing fine, tasty meals. This all happened in my grandparents’ home in Umbria.

That humble tiny house, in the outskirt of Assisi, Umbria where I spent all my childhood summers, surrounded by my grandparents' love, is currently under restoration and I am thrilled to announce that it will be ready at the end of 2020 to host cooking lessons!

I can’t wait to welcome you into my family Umbrian country side kitchen where all began!

Umbria is called the green heart of Italy. Nestled in the right center of Italy are miscellaneous artistic, natural, and spiritual treasures. Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance historic layers shape its landscape, architecture, traditions, and gastronomy.

how to get there

By car, by train, and by plane, here are the nearest airports:

  • Perugia is 15 minutes by car. It has weekly flights to London, Bruxelles, Rotterdam, and Frankfurt.
  • Roma airport is 2 hours by car or train.
  • Florence airport is 2 hours by car or train.
  • Pisa airport is 3 hours by car.